Wednesday, November 4, 2015

The Making of an Editorial...Feathered With Grace..Published

It wasn't too long ago that a young lady came to me with one have a creative shoot that was unique and creative.  I had free reign to come up with anything under the sun.  She is an artistic spirit with a style, peppered with bohemian this couldn't be just any shoot.   

After brainstorming, scouring the Internet and flipping through magazines I had an idea.  the shoot was going to have a bird theme!  I already knew this would mean I'd be creating some feathered crowns but I still had to come up with a way to bring the story together.  Most of the time this comes down to just going through the process of styling a wardrobe and seeing my client in the clothes.

I scheduled a wardrobe consultation where I brought over a bunch of clothes and accessories to try on.  We went through her closet and her mothers closet.  Many dresses later we found the perfect jumping off old dress of her mothers', an old lace blouse from her late grandmother and some thrift store finds of my own.  Now all I had to do was create the crowns to go with each outfit and find the perfect setting to do the shoot.

The location is always a sticking point for me.  I always want a shoot to flow and to make sense.  I want it to be believable and to add mystery or interest to the story.  I want the end image to evoke a sense of wanting to know "where is she, where is she going, where does she come from and what is she thinking."  

I told my client of a life size bird cage I had seen and thought how incredible it would be if we could use it in the shoot.  Although I was hesitant in intruding on someone I didn't know, my client and her mother had confidence that it couldn't hurt to ask.  Well they were right!  They asked and it was a go!

The day of the shoot I met my client at my Makeup Artists' studio.  I had previously sent over inspiration examples of the makeup I wanted and the hair I wanted. The makeup in particular had to be just right to pull everything together for the bird theme.  When I walked in, I was blown away!  My Makeup Artist had done exactly what I requested and envisioned.  In fact it was even better than I had hoped!

And so it was time to begin the shoot!

Editorial: "Feathered With Grace"
Published: Gilded Magazine 
Photographer: Lee Wilson Portraits
Model: Brittany N.
MUAH: Makeup By Ali Lawless
Crowns and Styling: Lee Wilson Portraits
Set Assistant: Kelly N.

Hope you enjoyed the process and the final product of this amazingly fun shoot!
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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Published Editorial "The Child Queen"

One of the great things I've found with photography is that it allows me to be creative and use my love of fashion and styling...and thrifting!

Many times if I'm "thrifting" and I see something that shouts "Unique or Interesting"...I grab it....If I have the money.  :)  I know that on any particular day I will look at a dress or a hat and an idea will pop in my head.  Sometimes it takes having a client tell me they don't know what they want, for me to really brainstorm, but I think that's when I work the best.  I don't like to be constrained with my creativity because I've found that doesn't always bring out the best in me....that's the arteeeest in me speaking.  I like free reign! Ha!

Anyway the following editorial is one such occasion that I was free to brainstorm and the client was up for anything!  I love that!  This editorial was recently published in the fashion and art magazine "Obscurae Magazine".

Editorial: The Child Queen
Published in Obscurae Magazine
Photographer: Lee Wilson Portraits
Model: Madison Baldridge
MUAH: Meredith Baldridge
Wardrobe: Vintage
Crown: Lee Wilson

This dress was just amazing!  I found it in a little thrift store and it was so old, I was afraid the lining would fall out.  I loved the puffy sleeves!

I whipped up this crown...not too shabby I'd say. wink wink.

This is probably my most favorite's very Vogue editorial.

Madison was an excellent first time model.  She took direction so well and was so into the expressions I asked for.

Exquisite expression and profile.

Loved the light filtering through the trees at this time of day.  It was magical.

I hope you enjoyed this fun shoot.  I was so very very happy with the end result and of course being published in print!

Looking forward to sharing with you the other fun projects I've been up to.
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Monday, April 20, 2015

Beauty and Vulnerability

I can't believe the school  year is almost at an end!  It seems like just yesterday that I was preparing my oldest to go off to college!  He's been doing great, staying busy and learning to manage his time...or so we hope. lol.  My youngest has been busy with his tennis season and as of late, been consumed with the start of Hunting season!

In all of the craziness of life, I'm a little behind on sharing all my photo shoots.  There was a fabulous editorial I shot recently, published in The Latent Pixel Magazine in print and online!  Here's some photos from the published feature and a little back story.

"In My skin"

Outwardly looking confident and strong, but inwardly still struggling with the worlds judgement.

This was a last minute photo shoot with a talented makeup artist and hair stylist. 

 I recently borrowed a backdrop from a good friend to test how it would work inside and to see if I liked it.  As all of you know, I normally only shoot outside but I really wanted to try my hand at indoor shoots with natural light.  I hope to one day have a studio but for now, the living room had to do.  

The day of the shoot my fabulous redheaded, friend came over with a simple makeup look and a loose, relaxed hairstyle as requested.  I just wanted something simple.  I didn't have an exact plan at the start of the shoot...just a feeling. 

As I opened up the photos to look through them, I realized what I was seeing portrayed the exact feeling I was going for.  We women have so much strength and yet we get bogged down in our own insecurities over weight, body flaws and what we perceive as judgement from the world.  

If only we could have a photo shoot once in awhile to see what the person behind the lens is, vulnerability, strength and life's experiences.

Hope you guys enjoyed!

You can check out this editorial here: The Latent Pixel, Issue 4.

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Published Web Editorial!

Happy Saturday everyone!

As you're probably well aware, I've been totally slack and out of the loop for the past month or more!  So I'm going to try and change that by at least posting once a week...that is my goal at least. lol

So let me start by sharing some photos from my latest magazine publication.

This photo shoot was very last minute...I had what you would call "the creative itch".  It must've been meant to be because the two young ladies I contacted that morning were all for it!

I had an idea of the clothing I wanted to use and asked them to bring items they had in their closets that would compliment the look.  I described some key items that I thought would work the best and had them bring it over, to go through.  I told them how I needed their hair and makeup and they did a great job in creating that.

When they arrived we went through all of their items and I had them try on the two dresses I sourced at the thrift store.  (I think I will begin using the word "thrifting" to describe this from now on.)  Luckily both dresses fit and so, we began layering on the accessories.  I decided to incorporate two different looks for two different stories since I wasn't exactly sure what I was wanting in the end.

For this particular magazine submission I chose the "Wanderers" look.  A little vintage, a little bohemian.

This ran as a web editorial in Obscurae Magazine.  

The vintage hats were "thrifted" as well!  I've been waiting a while to use that Russian fur hat and I loved how it turned out!!!

Thanks for reading and thanks for your constant support!  

Love you guys!

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Monday, February 16, 2015

A Valentines Day Shoot Inspired by Pinterest.

Happy Belated Valentines Day!  

This year was a little different for me because we took my youngest son and his friend to a "college for a weekend" event.  We also got to visit with my oldest son who happens to go to that very same university.  We were all together which was wonderful but we actually spent Valentines Day on the road.

Prior to leaving, I had the privilege of helping my son's girlfriend with a special project, inspired by Pinterest for Valentines Day.  It was totally her idea and of course because it was for my son... I couldn't say no. lol.

It was a freezing cold day with winds that made it seem even worse...if that's even possible.  Yes I know, it looks so nice and sunny but I assure you it was fre-e-e-ezing!

We started the shoot at a local park and ended on some family property.    We were trying to incorporate different expressions, poses and actions.  Here are some of the other photos that didn't make the cut but were equally cute.

I thought this would be cute because it's my son's, grandfather's truck.

On the family property I thought I'd take some pictures with things that he would recognize. ( Since being away from home he might find familiar things comforting.)
 Oh and me being me.....I couldn't resist taking some other pictures for my portfolio!! 

By the time I took these last photos both my "model" and I were popsicles....but the wind was making it impossible for me to stop snapping!  I kept saying....oh my more...just one more....oh one more!  LOL...poor thing. 

Hope you enjoyed! Have a great week!

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